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Born June 6, 1986 "Nellangara, Thrissur, Kerala" Age 28
Bhavana was born Karthika Menon in Nellangara, Thrissur, Kerala, the daughter of Pushpa and assistant cinematographer, G. Balachandra Menon. She has one brother, Jayadev, who currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. She made her acting debut in Kamal's Nammal, which won her critical acclaim and various honors. Bhavana was an 11th standard student when she got her break in films.
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Ninnindale (Kannada)
Release Date :01 Jan 1900
Director :Jayanth Paranjee
Starring :Puneet Rajkumar
Release Date :06 Jul 2012
Director :PC Shekhar
Starring :Ganesh, Bhavana, Avinash
Only Vishnuvardhana
Release Date :08 Dec 2011
Director :P.Kumar
Starring :Sudeep, Bhavana Menon, Priyamani, Sonu Sood


Bhavana looks her best in ethnic. Don't yo...
Bhavana looks no less than a beautiful bri...
Bhavana dons the uniform of a police offic...
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