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Yogaraj Bhat

Yogaraj Bhat

During his college days in Mysore Yogaraj Bhat watched a lot of foreign classics like Coppolla’s The Godfather, Kurosawa’s Ran. He is a great fan of Kurosawa and fed upon a staple diet of Fellini and Godard films. These films inspired him a lot. He came to Bangalore at the age of 22 hoping to be a film cameraman. As a new entrant to the film industry, Yograj Bhat served as an assistant director under Girish Kasaravalli, V. Ravichandran, Sunil Kumar Desai and B Suresha. Talking about this experience he says "It was not about who the guru was. It was about being employed, It was the thrill of watching film-making at close quarters. I even enjoyed being admonished by these directors
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Yograj Bhat looks smart as he smiles for t...
Director Yograj Bhat looks lost in thought...
Yograj Bhat looks bright and happy here


My wife's sense of humour is very peculiar says Yograj Bhat
My wife's sense of humour is very peculiar...
Yagraj says he has never been in love
yograj Bhat talks about his marriage
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